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Crime is getting worse in Chicago where it never was before. I ask myself that question constantly, Juan OSavin says at the proper time the Military will bring back a civilian government per Constitution once all the fraud of the election is exposed. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Updated COVID-19 Mitigation Policy Additionally, on February 14, 2023, the following documents were posted: AE692G (AAA): Defense Notice Pursuant to MCRE 505(g)(1)(A) Hold your family close. Click open the entry for Detainee 86, Shafiq Rasul, and you will see the British citizen whose name was on the first Guantnamo case to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court. On March 3, 2006 the DoD released a memo summarizing the factors for and against his continued detention, prepared for his, Captured in Bosnia not "on the battlefield", Apprehended after being acquitted by the Bosnian Supreme Court, As of December 30, 2005 faces trial in Yemen, Released, after three years detention, when US authorities decided he was not tied to al Qaeda. What can I tell them? Acknowledged to be seriously mentally ill. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Makes me sad and angry. The U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, admitted its first inmates 20 years ago Tuesday. Steve never explains that, nor provides even the tiniest bit of evidence for ANY of his Lists. I thank JESUS CHRIST for all that is within me, I thank President Trump . and the satanists. Updated for the eighth time in October 2022, this definitive Guantnamo prisoner list was first published in March 2009, and subsequently updated from four parts to six (see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6).I first updated it on January 1, 2010, and again on July 12, 2010, and I updated it for the third time at the start of June 2011, to mark the fourth anniversary of the . Can we get the info for 2023? [1] Held in law-of-war detention but recommended for transfer if security conditions met[ edit] Held in indefinite law-of-war detention and not recommended for transfer[ edit] This problem is much larger and deeper than we can imagine. [4] The Associated Press published the list in more accessible text form.[5]. Judging by that disgusting flag, your part of the issue we need get rid of!! On Friday, Aug. 30, 2019, a military judge set Jan. 11, 2021 for the start of the long-stalled war crimes trial of the five men being held at the Guantanamo Bay prison on charges of planning. After some discussion, we still prominently display each mans Detainee Internment Serial Number, for a singular reason: Their names change throughout the U.S. intelligence documents sometimes because of faulty intelligence, at others because of cultural ignorance even as their numbers remained the same. Delete. Video, Would like update GITMO celebrities executions. The plupart of the names on the list below have been executed (or murdered, or committed suicide) since the new year. The Cost of Running Guantanamo Bay: $13 Million Per Prisoner. WHO do you think the NSA, FBI, etc work for ? If its been reported on our local news networks and the msm are reporting that there has been a large number of covid scamdemic deaths, then wouldnt there be a equal amount of obituaries or death notices reported & listed in the local newspapers? If the local news media has reported that last week there was 50 or whatever # of local residents who have from covid, well then in the local newspaper notice of obituaries, there should be close to 50 names listed for covid deaths and then an additional amount of obituaries for the Non Covid deaths, Please watch the Deep Fakes video on Rumble. So who to believe ??? I didnt believe a word of that Juan O Savin. This list of Guantnamo detainees is compiled from various sources. Today, 39 men remain indefinitely detained there, and 27 of them have never . 1st Phase: Common/cold/Flu. Biden has said he hopes to close the military prison in Cuba, where 39 people remain incarcerated. REAL RAW NEWS: A disruptive Hillary Clinton was placed in lockdown at GITMO following a series of incidents in which the former Secretary of State spat on guards, defecated on the floor of her cell, assaulted U.S. military personnel, and, in her witch's cackle, hurled obscenities indefatigably at staff and fellow inmates, said a source familiar with Clinton's arrest and incarceration at . Tom, these are good points and I have heard the same. They are all trying to save their own asses. The Washington Post maintains a list of the prisoners known or suspected to have been held in Guantnamo Bay. (LogOut/ Bit squeamish but in circumstances I could stand seeing any evidence. [2][3] This list of Guantnamo prisoners has the known identities of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba, but is compiled from various sources and is incomplete. James Woods acting skills are par excellence. arrests and executions of famous people march 2021,, Arrests and Executions of Famous people and GITMO, Arrests and Executions of famous people Updated, Hollywood Pedophiles Exposed by Isaac Kappy, RABBI FINKELSTEIN - JEWISH CONTROL OF THE WORLD. I just bought another one and have been training a couple people. That money just evaporated dont you know. ts heritage. Justice SHOULD be quick not months or years. Podcast: Torture and the law - G - Human Rights Law Committee. (LogOut/ Convicted (plea bargain). Chakra Basics; Gemstones; Main Menu Some global and political elites named in the indictments would be tried in federal courts, some faced Military Tribunals at GITMO, while others would go before international courts. Former military men retired honorably suddenly without merits or awards. Sends Algerian Man Home from Guantnamo Bay After 5-Year Delay", 'List of detainees who went through complete CSRT process' (PDF, scanned), 'Official Pentagon List of Detainees /page not found Nov 2018' (Text version of DoD list), US to release partial list of Guantnamo detainees, Archive of Official list of all Guantanamo prisoners, "FOIA suit reveals Guantanamo's 'indefinite detainees', "10 Guantanamo Prisoners Freed In Oman; 45 Detainees Remain", "Trump Inherits Guantanamo's Remaining Detainees", "Between Collaboration and Disobedience The Behavior of the Guacamole Detainees and its Consequences", "15 Guantnamo Detainees Are Sent to Emirates in Largest Obama-Era Transfer", "Obama to leave with 41 captives still at Guantnamo, blames politics", "Innocent Afghan wants US compensation for Guantanamo detention", "USA: Guantnamo death highlights urgent need to end indefinite detention | Amnesty International", "Muhamed Hussein Abdallah - The Guantnamo Docket", "Zainulabidin Merozhev - The Guantnamo Docket", "(S) Transfer Recommendation for Guantanamo Detainee, Mohammed Ismail, ISN: US9AF-00930DP", "I had a good time at Guantanamo, says inmate", forty Pakistanis still at Guantnamo, some may be freed, Ex-Guantanamo Spaniard cleared by supreme court, "Ex-Guantanamo inmate in Iraq suicide bombing: TV", "Report: Former Guantanamo detainee carried out Iraq suicide attack", Guantanamo -- A Holding Cell In War on Terror: Prison Represents a Problem That's Tough to Get Out Of, 'Saudi detainees at Guantanamo returned to the Kingdom; names given', "Out of Guantanamo and Bitter Toward Bin Laden", "The Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | The Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia", "U.S. Repatriates Moroccan From Guantnamo, and Approves a Kuwaiti's Transfer", Factors for and against the continued detention (.pdf), Guantanamo detainees unaware of defense lawyers, "Despite renewed Yemen fears, Gitmo prisoners released to next-door Oman", "Ameziane v. Obama / Ameziane v. United States", "U.S. military says 52 detainees at Guantanamo are on hunger strike", "Hunger strike confirmed at Guantanamo Bay", "Afghans tell of hunger strike at Guantanamo", "Biographies of High Value Terrorist Detainees Transferred to the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay", Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 7 ex-detainees return to fighting: Guantanamo release process called imperfect, "Youngest Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr leaves for Canada", "Former Guantanamo Detainee Jamal Kiyemba Arrested for Murder of Ugandan Prosecutor", US releases three Pakistanis jailed in Guantanamo, Inmates Released from Guantanamo Tell Tales of Despair, "Mustaq Ali Patel - The Guantnamo Docket", "WikiLeaks and the Guantnamo Prisoners Released After the Tribunals, 2004 to 2005 (Part Four of Five) | Andy Worthington", "Transferred to France - The Guantnamo Docket", "Yemeni Guantnamo Prisoner Is Transferred to Italy After 14 Years", Guantnamo: The Definitive Prisoner List (Part 1), Names of the Detained in Guantnamo Bay, Cuba, Associated Press Guantnamo Detainee Court Documents Archive, Office of the Secretary of Defense & Joint StaffFOIA Requester Service Center, Executive Order Task ForceGuantanamo Final Review Dispositions as of January 22, 2010, New York Times Guantanamo research database, Countries of Citizenship of Guantanamo detainees, Some think its James Woods, a conservative in Hollywood. Was 14 years old when captured. The Full Gitmo List By The Daily Dish January 5, 2010 If you need a factual account of who was seized and imprisoned at Gitmo, Andy Worthington has compiled the definitive one. The deal vanished. Where are all the good guys????? There was so much evidence. OBVIOUSLY, THERE WILL SOON BE MANY MORE PRISONERS IN GITMO AND SINCE THE NATIONAL GUARD WAS SENT IN, THESE WILL MOST LIKELY BE HIGH-PROFILE PRISONERS. SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE GUNS and gun sales are still on the rise like crazy. First off Yank.. Im sure! Quantum, Expansion, Exporation, All That Is, The Art of BEing Hue-man, New Earth. The court order required the DoD to release the names of all the detainees. I hope they know now and have dealt harshly with those who assisted. They get very upset, when you call out that pesky ZERO EVIDENCE fact. Trudeau should have been put away long ago he is the worst thing that happened to Canada! Biden constantly lying spewing his bullshit. I know must be a clone and Blake cant tell difference, If the deep state members and famous people have been arrested and executed, who is ordering the the cov19 vaccines?? it is quite unbelievable. Sad. Me too. GET IT? i said trump gotta be using him to wake canada up . The children of these people who have supposedly been executed dont seem upset to be losing mommy or daddy. If accurate, these secret investigations, arrests and extractions to Gitmo where they face extended detention and military justice has enormous political implications, and makes possible the release of suppressed information previously withheld by the Deep State. Valarie Clark I really do not believe he is blaming all Canadians, Im sure he is referring to the Evip people I. . Again thank you for sharing information, we need more people like you. Twenty years have passed since the first detainees arrived in Guantnamo Bay, making it the longest-standing war prison in U.S. history. IF all these people are truly gone with clones or doubles taking their place THEN their assets totaling in the trillions (some say as much as 50 trillion) should be confiscated, therefore there criminal enterprises should have collapsed. Came from Adelaide, Australia. I hope the next leader that will govern Canada, will not be a politician! Period! Transferred from Guantanamo to Saudi Arabia on June 25, 2005. Last Updated: February 10, 2022 Eleven prisoners have been executed in the United States in 2021 by the U.S. federal government and five states. Brennan is gone, dead, executed and rightfully so! Appentently, Brennan had a ring side window to look out of. ITS HAPPENING FOLKS!!!! Two words let go. I think they are now using the elite stars and rich that were apprehended to be executed as COVID victims saying they died of covid in stead of the truth they were executed so people will follow the covid agenda.

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gitmo inmate list 2021


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